It also makes you smarter! Here's why: According to Psychology Today, our brain loses nerve tissue as we get older, starting around age 30. But people who exercise lose brain tissue more slowly.
Experts say it has to do with a chemical called BDNF. This chemical is important in fetal development - and in adults, it helps rewire our brain. It influences everything from memory to mood, and helps develop positive, long-lasting mental changes. And when we exercise, it helps boost levels of BDNF.
Also, physical exercise causes the cells in our brain to strengthen the neuron connections they already have, as well as create new ones. This means we're better able to process and store information - resulting in a smarter brain.
But if you hate going to the gym, don't worry. A recent study found that simply walking for 45 minutes three times a week can help keep your IQ in tact.