If you want to burn the maximum number of fat calories every day, working out before breakfast is the way to go. Here’s why:

Researchers recruited men who liked to eat - but didn’t like to exercise. Over a 3-day period, they ate a healthy breakfast with researchers, and combined that with different activity levels. Day one: They just ate.  Day 2: They ate, and then took a brisk, hour-long walk.  On Day 3, they took the hour-long walk before breakfast.

The result: On the “no exercise day,” the volunteers took in more calories than they burned.  Not a lot, but enough to gain a pound a month.

When they exercised after breakfast, it put them on track to lose a pound every 3 weeks.

But get this: Doing the same workout before breakfast increased the amount of fat burned by almost 40 percent! Over the course of a year, that makes a difference of almost 10 pounds.

So, set your alarm an hour early and get moving. Then, inspire the rest of us by posting your progress on Facebook.com/JohnTesh.