Guys: According to a new Harvard study, the bigger your BELLY gets, the more you have to worry about broken BONES!

That’s the message from radiologist Dr. Miriam Bredella, who led the new study. She and her team recently used CT scans to measure the fat, muscle, and bone mass of dozens of men - who were obese, but otherwise healthy. She also noted where most of their fat was accumulated – like if it was around the abdomen, or thighs, or more evenly distributed all over the body. And time and time again, she found that men with the most fat around their bellies tended to have the weakest bones.

Dr. Bredella says that was a surprise, because before this study, most experts assumed that it was our total weight that mattered more than where our fat is stored. After all, carrying lots of weight in general puts more pressure on our bones and joints.

But it turns out, fat stored deep in the abdomen is much more destructive than fat stored anywhere else on the body – especially in men. Why? For starters, guys with lots of belly fat tend to secrete fewer growth hormones – which are important for bone health. Plus, recent studies show that fat cells trap vitamin D – which the body uses to build stronger bones.  So, even if you’re getting healthy levels of vitamin D, it may not ever reach your bones - because it’s getting stuck somewhere in your gut! 

That’s why Dr. Bredella says this new study should be a wakeup call for men. Because now we know: The bigger your belly gets, the higher your risk for breaking a hip!