Next time you reach for an alcoholic beverage, ask yourself “Am I tired?” That’s because scientists say your everyday habits, like how well you sleep, could seriously affect your alcohol tolerance. How?

  • You’re skinny. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says the thinner you are, the fewer places in your body where alcohol can go. So, it ends up clustered around your organs, taking longer to flush out, which means you’re drunk faster and longer.
  • Another reason why you may get tipsy fast: You starve yourself before you hit the bars. Most drinkers stuff their faces with food after a night of drinking, but experts say by that time, it’s too late, and you’re just mindlessly consuming extra calories. The less food in your stomach before you drink, the faster alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream. That causes quick, full body intoxication! There’s even a name for it – “drunkorexia.” So, always eat before you drink.
  • Finally, are you exhausted? If so, even a few sips of alcohol will quickly get you drunk, because your body’s already disoriented, and the alcohol emphasizes that even more. Also, drinking while tired crushes your coordination skills. So you’re more at risk of accidents, like spills, falls, and car crashes.