They're supposed to bring good fortune to the bride and groom. So if you're getting married soon, or you know someone who is, here are a few lucky charms from around the world. These come from the wedding website, The Knot .com:

  • According to Italian folklore, the groom is supposed to carry a piece of iron in his suit pocket to ward off the evil eye. And during the reception, his lucky tie is cut into pieces and sold to the guests to pay for the honeymoon.
  • In China, the color of love and joy is red. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom drink wine and honey from goblets tied together with red string.
  • An English bride wears a decorated horseshoe on her arm and puts a sixpence in her shoe for good luck as she walks down the aisle.
  • Attendants at Greek weddings sometimes wear a traditional charm in the form of a small eye to protect the bridal party from bad luck. And Greek brides put a lump of sugar in their glove for a sweet marriage.

And one last wedding tradition to spice up the big day.
In Russian weddings, the best man walks counter-clockwise around the bridal entourage three times. At the same time, the other members of the bridal party fire guns, crack whips, and make as much noise as possible. Then the best man kneels in front of the bride and scratches the ground with his knife, cursing anyone who might wish harm upon her.
So there you go. Impress someone with THAT knowledge the next time you're at a wedding reception.