According to Shape magazine, professional chefs do sneaky things that make their job easier and your meal fattier. In fact, the Center for Science in the Public Interest says the typical appetizer, entree and dessert at a restaurant has 1,000 calories   that's for EACH course!! Not the entire meal. So here are a few common restaurant practices that can sabotage your diet.

  • The first shocker is that even veggies are high in fat! Fat is what sells food in restaurants because it makes everything taste better. That's why a lot of restaurants saute or roast their vegetables in duck fat or 2 ounces of butter. That's an extra 45 grams of fat and an extra 400 calories in a single side dish! Ask your server how the vegetables are prepared. If they come to the table glistening, that's a fatty clue.
  • Next, you think you're being good ordering the egg white omelet. Well, watch the chef. He'll probably ladle a clear liquid into the pan before making your omelet. That liquid is fat. Or they'll prepare your eggs in a pan coated in oil. They do this because oil can withstand a higher heat so they don't have to monitor the food as closely.
  • Even a harmless salad can be drowning in so much oil, you might as well eat fast food! Restaurants will usually toss a quarter cup of dressing into a salad. That's about 400 calories or the equivalent of a cheeseburger. Even if you get the oil and vinegar instead of the creamy stuff, they'll use a 3 to 1 ratio. 3 parts oil, to one part vinegar. Ask for fat free dressing instead.
  • And watch your meat. Most steaks, fish and chicken are rubbed in oil before they're grilled. And if that's all, you're lucky. At the famous Chasen's restaurant in Hollywood, they cooked their steak in a quarter POUND of butter! So tell the chef you want your meat grilled or broiled with no butter or oil.