Yes, even you.
So here are a few thing you might not even know you're doing that're dangerous to your health according to "Fitness Magazine":

  • You don't have a carbon monoxide detector. As you probably know, this deadly gas is ordor-less and colorless. If levels get too high in your home, it can be fatal. Your home appliances, as well as fireplace or stove can all produce carbon monoxide. Be sure you buy a detector that sounds an alert before levels become hazardous.
  • Another health risk you might be taking - you floss as hard as you can. Jamming the floss between your teeth may cut your gums creating a permanent cleft that can expose the root of your tooth. The damage can cause sensitivity and even affect the bone support. So don't jam it between your teeth, gently slide the floss. And try using floss made of Gortex. It moves more easily.
  • One last health tip: When you travel, DON'T put all your medicine in one bottle. This is an easy way to take the wrong pill or the wrong dose, both of which can lead to deadly side effects. Keep them in their necessary containers so you know what they are and what the instructions are.

Hopefully these tips will help you maintain you fabulous, healthy and well-informed lifestyle.