If it’s one thing you need to know how to do correctly in the warm weather – it’s eating an ice cream cone. Because let’s face it – no matter how much you enjoy chomping on that double-scoop chocolate and peanut butter cone, it’s no fun if it gets all over your clothes – or your car! So, here’s how to enjoy your ice cream WITHOUT the mess. We found these tips in Real Simple magazine.

  • Beware of the drippers. In general, chocolate-based flavors melt faster than vanilla ones. Also, anything with a ripple is going to drip a lot – because caramel and fudge make ice cream soft. But fruit flavors hold up well. So if you’re on the way to an important meeting and you MUST grab a cone – go for strawberry instead of chocolate.
  • Gently push down the top of the ice cream cone with your tongue – so it fills the cone. Then lick around the edge so you can catch whatever is about ready to drip.
  • Choose a cake cone – or a bowl-like waffle cone if you’re really hungry. Sugar cones are an accident waiting to happen, since there’s nothing to catch the drips. If you can’t live without the sugar cone, try this nifty trick: Ask your friendly ice-cream scooper if they’ll put a mini-marshmallow in the bottom of your sugar cone. That’ll block the hole, keeping your ice cream on your tongue, and off your T-shirt.