If you’ve ever dreamed of going on an undercover, commando-style mission, you’re in luck.  These days, several companies are offering overnight hunting trips that invite you to embrace your “inner-Rambo” as you hunt down wild pigs! The companies have names like Tactical Hog Control and Jäger Pro.  And for a few hundred dollars, they’ll hook you up with military-grade hunting gear - including night-vision goggles, semiautomatic rifles, and special off-road vehicles with infrared headlights. And your mission? To hunt and kill as many wild pigs as you can.

Why pigs? Because feral pigs are a big problem in North America. Basically, they root up crops, destroy pastures and transmit diseases to other farm animals. And because a single wild hog can produce about six offspring a year, the problem isn’t going away soon. That’s why many states classify wild pigs as an “invasive species” that needs to be hunted and controlled.

Meanwhile, there are lots of people who have what military experts call “a tactical gene”.  Meaning, they’ve always wanted to be a soldier, or a SWAT team member.

And as it turns out, hog hunting is the closest thing many people ever get to actual combat.  Experts say hog hunters shoot an average of seven wild pigs per trip, although we read about one man who shot 28 in one night! Most clients take the meat home to eat, while others leave the carcasses for birds and coyotes to scavenge.

Want to go further? Check out TacticalHogControl.com or JagerPro.com.