If you're worried about all those extra calories that'll be taunting you this holiday season, here's how you can keep active. These tips come from WEB MD.

  • First - your holiday shopping. A brisk walk around the mall can burn between 3.5 and 7 calories per minute. So if you spend 2 hours scouring the stores for that perfect sweater, you'll have burned anywhere from 500 to 800 calories. And if the mall is packed with people and hard to maneuver through, think of it as a slalom course.
  • And forget the holiday tradition of circling the lot in search of the perfect parking space. Try parking in the farthest row back, or on a distant level of the parking garage, and add ten minutes of WALKING time to your afternoon.
  • Next, if you're going over the river and through the airport to grandma's house for the holidays, don't take the movable walkways or the trains from concourse to concourse. Again   WALK. The extra steps will help you burn about 50 calories.

And a final way to work off those extra holiday treats  deck the halls! A sweaty hour of climbing up and down ladders, stringing lights and hanging garland will help you shed about 250 calories. And if you're willing to head out to your local tree farm and chop down your own holiday tree, that'll burn 7 calories per minute. So if you spend half-an-hour hacking away at a Douglas fir and then dragging it to your car, you'll shed at least 210 calories.
That's about a full cup of scrumptious mashed potatoes.