Want to save money? Here are the things you should stop buying right now:

First: Homeopathic flu remedies. According to the CDC, there’s no scientific evidence that herbal, homeopathic or folk remedies have any impact on preventing the flu – or getting you well, faster.

Another money-waster: Dirt-cheap paper towels. According to Consumer Reports, no type of cheap towel gets high marks for durability or absorption.  Which means you’ll just end up using more to wipe up spills and buying more.

Next: Don’t bother with premium gas. An extensive study buy Car and Driver found that unless you have a high-performance car, like a Porsche, high-grade gas is a waste of money. And by using regular, you’ll save an average of $5 every time you fill up an 18-gallon tank.

What else do experts recommend you stop buying? 100-calorie snack packs. Sure, they eliminate the guess-work on portion sizes, but they’re often 3 times the price. The fix: Buy regular-size bags or boxes, and small sandwich bags, and make your own 100-calorie packs.

Also: Don’t bother with unlimited cell phone minutes. The average family uses 735 minutes of “talk time” a month.  Which isn’t much more than the minimum plan of 700 minutes. Plus, we’re texting now, more than talking. So buy unlimited texting, not unlimited minutes.

Finally: You should stop buying lottery tickets. Experts point out that the odds of winning are 1 in almost 200-million. In fact, you’re 285 times more likely to be killed by a meteorite.