What’s the latest killer party drug, as in, one that could literally send you to the morgue? It’s called 2C-I, and the street name is “Smiles.” 

It’s a synthetic drug that’s been described as a combination of Ecstasy and LSD, and the number of overdoses and deaths from it are rising worldwide – mostly among teens. 2C-I comes in liquid and powder form, and in various strengths, which makes overdosing easy. 

It’s also chemically similar to other drugs that have recently been made illegal. So, chemists tweaked the formula to get around the law, and the altered drug is stronger, more toxic, and more dangerous than the previous versions. 

Scary side effects include strokes, seizures, and kidney failure, plus, fatally-high blood pressure and killer heart arrhythmia. Smiles can also lead to intense hallucinations that last anywhere from hours to days. Including fear, panic and paranoia, which raises the risk for dangerous behavior, like users walking into traffic, or off of roofs.

Or, like one young man we read about, who died while high on Smiles after repeatedly slamming his body into trees and power poles. 

The “friend” who gave the drug to him has been charged with third-degree murder.

So, why is Smiles so popular? Because it can’t be identified by the current drug tests used in the workplace, in the military, or in college athletics. So, users are less likely to fail a mandatory drug test. But it also means that ER doctors can’t test for it either, and when life-saving treatment is delayed, the victim usually dies. 

Bottom line: Just because the name makes it sound like a fun drug, stay away from Smiles.