Experts say a lot of us have fallen into some bad tipping habits. So, here’s a quick refresher course on tipping:

  • Tip jars. Mary Kate McGrath is senior editor of Real Simple magazine. She says you shouldn’t feel obligated to dump your change in the jar if someone just does their job. But, it is appropriate if they give extra effort.

  • Don't discount the tip. In other words, if you use a gift card or coupon to pay your bill, always remember to base your tip on the full amount that you ordered, not the reduced tab.

  • The service or food is bad? Etiquette expert Peter Post says that expressing your dissatisfaction by not tipping creates a lose-lose situation. Instead, ask for the manager as soon as there’s a problem. That way, you’ll get to enjoy your meal and your waiter won’t be penalized for something that was probably beyond their control.

  • What about take-out and delivery? According to the website, there’s no need to leave anything extra when you’re picking up. But, you should always give delivery drivers at least 10%. Especially if they traipsed through a rainstorm to deliver your food hot!