This is for all the tough guys who turn into big babies every time they get sick: “Man-flu” is not a myth. When men get sick, they really do feel worse than women with the same symptoms.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Amanda Ellison, the region of the brain that regulates body temperature is larger in men than in women. Which means, even when men and women have identical thermometer readings, the extra temperature-receptors in men mean they feel hotter. Which also means they experience more aches and pains.

Another fact? Research shows that women are better at resisting the flu bug than men. They also get better faster. And it’s all down to DNA. When women get sick, their bodies produce a larger number of infection-fighting t-cells.

The bottom line is this: Man-flu is real. So, ladies, you might want to be a little more sympathetic when the man in your life gets sick. But, guys – this isn’t an excuse to pretend to be sicker than you really are just to get a little extra TLC from the woman you love.