Remember the movie “The Breakfast Club?” It classified high school students as the jock, the brain, the loner, the outcast and the popular girl. Well, those archetypes can predict something about how you’ll turn out as an adult. That’s according to the new book, “The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” by Alexandra Robbins. She spent a year interviewing hundreds of high school students and adults, and here’s what she found.

The student body president? People who took part in student government are more likely to vote, volunteer in their communities and be involved in social causes as adults.

What about the popular kids? Researchers have determined that the more friends students had in high school, the more money they were earning 35 years later. They call it the “popularity premium.” Basically, if you’re popular in high school, you probably do well relating with others, which can help you in your career.

If you were the brainiac? Students with good grades are more likely to go to college and excel once they get there. And brainiacs have fewer health problems as they age. Possibly because they’re more aware of how health and the choices they make will impact their life.

And the jock? In both men and women, those who play sports make more money as adults. And women in particular who play sport in high school are more likely to enter highly-skilled, male-dominated fields like science and computer technology. Possibly because female athletes aren’t afraid to assert themselves.