Are you likely to be heavy or thin as you get older? It actually depends on how much your parents weigh.

Researchers from University College in London recorded the weights and measurements of more than 4,000 families. The result? Kids with thin parents were twice as likely to be thin compared to those with heavy parents. And kids with overweight parents were dramatically more likely to be overweight themselves.

Why? Researchers say it’s not just because you’re either blessed with skinny DNA or you’re not. Instead, it’s more about your lifestyle. In other words, if your parents are thin, and constantly exercising and eating healthy, then odds are, you’re copying their healthy behaviors. On the flip side, if your parents are heavy, and eat Doritos on the couch all day, then you’re probably doing the same thing, and gaining weight, too. In fact, dieticians say that kids often continue their eating and exercise habits for life. So, parents, it’s crucial to be healthy role models for your kids.