Do you make up your own dinner recipes or do you rely on the ol' faithfuls? The answer can speak volumes about who you are. So, let's take a look at the type of foods you like to cook to see what they reveal about you:

  • Fast and easy. If this is how you prefer your food, then you're a dynamite doer! To call you a juggler would be an understatement. You keep your priorities straight and your attention focused on your to-do list. You're also healthier than most, because studies show that active people live longer.

  • Light and healthy. If this is more your style, then you're an in-the-know trend setter. You're well-read, a quick learner and inventive. You like to figure out convenient ways to get things done in half the time.

  • Comfort foods. This means you're easygoing and playful, and your spouse is your best friend. You're also a natural stress-buster who knows how to put a smile on the faces of those who need it.

  • Gourmet food. You're a give-it-your-all optimist! You love a challenge, are a born achiever and your name tops most guest lists.

  • Innovative cooking. If you hardly use recipes, then you're intuitive. You trust your instincts in cooking and in life. You excel at quizzes and tests, because studies show that people who go with their gut reaction are right 65% more often than those who make wild guesses. And you remember your dreams, which is good, since experts say dreaming can help you solve real life problems.