That’s because a growing number of cemeteries are now holding events for the living – which you can attend, even if you don’t have relatives buried there.

For example: Arlington National Cemetery recently launched a new smartphone app, that helps guests locate famous graves, and take self-guided tours.  Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in L.A., hosts regular movie screenings, where guests are encouraged to sit among the graves, and watch movies projected on the wall of a mausoleum.

Also, as you may have noticed, many cemeteries now open their gates for dances, concerts and even weddings!

If the thought of partying among a bunch of gravestones creeps you out, you’re not alone. Many people say cemeteries are supposed to be “sacred” places - to honor the dead, not entertain the living! But cemetery managers say this trend is actually an ideal way to honor the dead. Why?  Because the money raised from these events helps preserve cemeteries for the long-run. Think about it: When cemeteries run out of room to bury people, they also run out of room to make money.  And without new income, cemeteries run the risk of becoming run-down and forgotten.

So, by hosting the occasional “Gravedigger’s” dance party, for example, experts say cemeteries can be more like museums, where we can hang out, and have a good time, while making sure the loved ones from our past are preserved forever.