Are you a Twi-hard or TVD (The Vampire Diaries) fan? Would you still think Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries was handsome if you found out he wasn’t a vampire and instead just had rabies? 

A new study has found striking similarities between vampire stories and rabies sufferers. Lead researcher Dr. Juan Gomez-Alonso studied classic vampire stories, like “Dracula,” along with rabies outbreaks dating back hundreds of years. The result? A lot of early tales of vampires coincided with reports of rabies outbreaks, and Dr. Gomez-Alonso thinks that the writers were inspired by rabies sufferers to write bloodcurdling stories. 
For example, here are the top similarities between Dracula and rabies patients: 
  • Number one: Dracula's famous weaknesses, garlic and light, could be chalked up to hypersensitivity, which is a symptom of rabies.  

  • Then rabies wreaks havoc on the part of the brain that controls sleep, so patients are often up all night, just like nocturnal vampires. 

  • Also vampires are probably associated with bats because bats are extremely susceptible to rabies. 

  • Finally, even the vampires’ desire to “suck your blood” is connected to rabies because animals with rabies are more aggressive and more likely to bite.