We are constantly being judged based on our appearance – everything from our shoes to our smile. And we’re judging others the same way. That’s because it’s human nature to make assumptions about someone based on the way they look. That’s according to the book How to Read a Client from Across the Room. So, here are the things that can make or break the impression you give:

  • Your shoes say a lot about you. The Journal of Research in Personality found that people can accurately guess a stranger’s age and income just by looking at their shoes. And they tend to automatically associate certain personality traits with certain shoes. For example, colorful shoes are thought to belong to extroverts and conscientious people are thought to wear clean shoes. People in heavy, masculine looking shoes are thought to be less agreeable and women wearing ankle boots, that are so trendy right now, are considered aggressive.

  • Ladies, it’s all about the makeup. A Harvard University study found that women who wear makeup are considered more likeable, competent, and trustworthy than those who go au natural. But easy on the eye shadow! The study found that too much makeup makes women appear untrustworthy and dishonest. You want to look enhanced, but not like you’re trying to cover up what you really look like.

  • Your teeth. A study found that men and women with straight teeth were perceived as happier, smarter, more successful and popular than those with crooked teeth. And crooked teeth even hurt you in the working world! Almost half of employers say that when two job candidates are equally qualified – they hire the one with the straightest teeth.

  • Never underestimate the power of posture! Study after study found that people who stand up tall are considered much more confident and competent than people who slouch.