Get ready for another episode of: “Your Mother Was Right!” Here are a few things your mom probably told you to do that are backed up by hard science: 

  • #1: Go to bed. Multiple studies show that sleeping less than 7 hours a night hurts our short-term memory, and raises our risk of obesity. In fact, sleep-deprivation is so hard on our cardiovascular systems that it sets up even healthy people for a stroke. 

  • Your mother was also right when she said: Clean your room! Princeton University neurologists found that as clutter increases, our ability to focus and process information decreases, and our productivity drops. That’s because a messy environment draws your attention away from the task at hand. 

  • And you probably heard this one a lot: Don’t eat so many sweets. A study in the journal Food & Nutrition found that children who had an occasional sugary treat were 26-percent less likely to be overweight as adults, compared to kids who ate candy and cookies constantly. In fact, overdoing sugar increases your chances of getting everything from cavities to cancer.

  • Your mother was also right when she said: Don’t do your homework at the last minute. Psychologist Dr. Piers Steel studied the effects of procrastination, and he found that people who always put things off pay more late penalties, are less likely to be promoted, and have bigger waistlines. Procrastinators are also less happy than people who don’t put things off. 

  • And the last piece of mom advice that science has proven right: Watch your language. Research shows that swearing increases stress levels. Why? Because we’re verbally conditioned to associate curse words with tense situations. Which means, saying them even in jest triggers strong negative emotions.