If your kid is constantly blaring rap music you have a right to be worried. A new study published in the journal, Addiction, found that listening to R and B and hip-hop music may actually start teens on the road to addiction. 

Researchers analyzed almost 800 hip-hop, R and B and rap songs. They found that a quarter of the songs made positive references to brand name alcohol. On average teens are listening to about two and a half hours of music a day. That means they’re essentially hearing ads for some pop-star’s favorite brand of booze 34 times every day. 

The study says that much exposure has a powerful influence over teens, especially girls! 

When underage girls were asked what their favorite drink was, they usually said it was one of the 3 name brands of alcohol mentioned most often in rap music. And the alcohol industry is making things worse! In many cases, when a rap star has a hit that contains the name of a brand of booze, the alcohol company gives them a big-money endorsement deal. So not only do kids hear their favorite rap star talking about it, the message is then reinforced through ads. And now, many rappers are even coming out with their OWN lines of liquor!

Of course, pop stars have been singing about liquor for decades, but the problem is far worse now. Since the late 70’s booze references in music have risen by more than 500%! Which, experts say, is sending a really bad message to teens. Especially because these songs glorify drinking and partying and don’t address the serious harm that can come because of it. But don’t expect things to change anytime soon. There’s just too much money in it! So it’s up to you to police what your kids are listening to, and to educate them on the dangers of abusing alcohol.