Does it seem like everybody on Facebook has a lot more fun than you do – or even a better life than you? Well, don’t be fooled – because they could be making it all up! According to a new survey of over 2,000 Facebook users, 1-in-4 women exaggerate, embellish, or distort the facts about their lives online and pretend their lives are a lot more wonderful than they actually are. Interestingly enough, even the people who lie on Facebook assume that almost everybody else is telling the truth.

So, what are the most common reasons they lie?

  • They don’t want to seem boring.

  • They’re jealous about someone else’s great-looking life.

  • Or they’re just trying to impress their “friends.”

And most of the lies are about three specific things:

  • How cool their jobs and bosses are.

  • The amazing vacations they’re taking.

  • They’re out drinking and partying up a storm – even if they’re actually sitting at home, alone.

1-in-5 women even lie about their relationship status, saying they’re “in one” when they’re not, or are “engaged” when they’re not even close. Psychologists say that social media may seem to keep us better connected, but it can actually contribute to feelings of isolation. Because the more we try to prove that our lives are perfect, the less happy we feel and when we're lying, we’re not truly connecting with others.

Plus, we tend to avoid posting negative things – like, burst pipes, or a fight with our partner. So, we’re a lot less likely to get sympathy and support from our friends. Which can make us feel even more disconnected.