Experts say if you’re stressed out, you might want to blame your paycheck! That’s because workers who get a salary bump are more likely to feel a lot more pressure.

Experts point out that employees who get a raise or promotion often think they’ve got to rush around looking busy in order to impress everyone, they feel they have to prove they deserve the raise or promotion. But, you can also blame salary-related stress on other factors.

Sanford DeVoe is a professor of organizational behavior at the University of Toronto, and his research team found that the more we earn, the less time we seem to have. 

So, what’s the connection between earning more and having less time? DeVoe says it’s because people who make more money assign more value to their time. In one study, two groups of college students were given fake job assignments. One group was told to charge 15 cents a minute, while the other group charged $15 a minute. The result: Both groups did the same amount of work, but those who charged more said they felt more stressed.

But the idea that job advancement translates into less time is only in our heads. 

Even if our workload doesn’t change, we feel that our time is more valuable – so anything that derails us, or interrupts us, stresses us out even more. In fact, when people earn more money, they feel more impatience too. Rushing around is another way to elevate your sense of importance. The thinking is – “I’m so in demand, I just don’t have time for everything!”

So if you get a raiser or promotion, keep this research in mind. You don’t actually have less time to get everything done, it just seems like you do.