Empty-nest syndrome is a thing of the past. More teens and twenty-somethings are choosing to live at home for longer periods of time. And for the most part, parents love it!

That’s why a growing number of parents are turning their basements, attics, and even garages into entertainment centers for their teens and grown children, so that they’ll want to spend more time hanging out at home. Some parents are shelling out thousands of dollars hiring interior designers to create the perfect space, with everything from a movie theater, to a recording studio. Others are simply buying ping pong tables and stocking up on video games.

Experts say that this is the generation of extreme helicopter parents. They want to keep a hawk-eye on their kids and be involved in everything they do. And parents figure that if they make their house the cool place to hang out, their kids won’t be out drinking and driving, and getting into trouble. 

Even post-college, parents want their kids to move back home, and 85-percent of college grads do. So, parents want to make their house as cool as possible so their grown children won’t be in a rush to move out.