Here are some tips to help you get healthy, skinny and un-stuffed! These come from the Bottom Line Personal.

  • To get healthy. Drink FROZEN orange juice! It has 25% more vitamin C than ready-to-drink juice. Why? Because at refrigerator temperatures, oxygen slowly destroys vitamin C. But at the colder temperatures needed to store frozen juice, this doesn’t happen. Also, once a container of any type of citrus juice is opened and exposed to air, it may lose ALL the vitamin C within a month!
  • To get skinny: Stop eating rice cakes! They cause you to gain weight – and here’s why: Even though rice cakes are low in calories, they boost your blood sugar and insulin levels, causing the body to store extra sugar as fat. For that same reason, you should also avoid mashed potatoes, instant rice, dried dates, fruit roll-ups and jelly beans.
  • To relieve a stuffy nose. Alternate these 2 actions: Thrust your tongue against the room of your mouth, then press one finger between your eyebrows. This causes the vomer and ethmoid bones to move up and down, which helps loosen congestion. After 20 seconds or so, your sinuses will start to drain. No nasal spray needed!