If you’re worried you may be spending too much time with your smartphone, this is for you. A growing number of summer camps for adults are ready to help you break your technology addiction. 

For example, a group called Digital Detox recently held their largest event-to-date in California, called Camp Grounded. It was a three-day retreat, where more than 300 people gathered for yoga classes, swimming, an ‘80s-themed prom, and other normal camp activities. The only basic rule was that no gadgets were allowed, including phones, computers, tablets, or digital watches. Levi Felix is the co-founder of Digital Detox, and he says the goal of Camp Grounded was to teach people to disconnect from technology and to reconnect with other people, the way we did before computers were everywhere. 
At first, a lot of campers reported “phantom ringing." That’s when you think you hear your phone ringing – or feel it vibrating - even though you’re not carrying it. But after three days away from their gadgets, campers said they had a chance to re-think their attachment to technology. And experts say Camp Grounded is just the latest example of an emerging backlash against modern technology. 
For example, you can find tons of digital detox retreats at TheDigitalDetox.org. You can go on entire digital detox vacations. The Caribbean nation, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is challenging travelers to leave smartphones, tablets and other gadgets behind as a part of their new digital-detox vacation package. If that’s too drastic, maybe just try it one day at a time. There’s the “National Day of Unplugging." If you want to take the Unplugging pledge, you can sign up at NationalDayOfUnplugging.com. The next one will be from sundown March 7, 2014 to sundown on March 8th.