Time for a “Twilight” update: Do you love the blockbuster vampire series or hate it? No matter your answer, experts say it has nothing to do with your feelings about Robert Pattinson. Instead, a new study found that you’re wired to either love or hate fantasy stories in general.

Kansas State University researchers read 2 short stories to volunteers. One was a fantasy about a man who can secretly fly, the other, a realistic story describing things in the natural world, like a sunrise. Afterwards, volunteers answered questions like, “Would you like to be able to fly?” And “Did you relate more to the fantasy story or the realistic one?”

The result: People were either pro-fantasy, or pro-reality. The pro-fantasy people became completely absorbed by the story, and could easily picture themselves flying. In fact, they had a positive emotional reaction and felt happy, and energized. On the flip side, the pro-reality camp was turned off by the fantasy story. They had a negative emotional reaction, and felt uncomfortable.

Experts say this may explain why people are so fiercely divided about movies like “Twilight.”  People who don’t like fantasy, don’t accept the rules of an imaginary world. They can’t make that leap and believe in it. On the other hand, Twi-Hards and fantasy lovers immerse themselves in it. They can imagine themselves living in a world like that.

But you should know this there’s a difference between fantasy and science fiction. Because science fiction tends to come with a logical explanation for the worlds it creates. So for example, people who liked the movie “Inception” could buy into the story because it came with plausible explanations for everything.