Here are some basic rules to follow at the gym, so you can stay fit without offending anyone:

  • No headphones in class! Danielle Hopkins is a fitness instructor who says wearing headphones in a yoga or Zumba class, for example, is rude for two reasons. First, because you’ll miss out on hearing what the instructor is saying. Also, because most instructors choreograph their class around the music they choose to play – not what you have blasting in your earbuds!

  • No cell phones in the gym either! Because using your phone anywhere inside a gym is rude and distracting to others. Plus, experts say if your workout is so soft that you can still carry on a conversation, then you’re not really exercising!

  • It’s okay to SIP, but not SNACK. David Barton is a gym owner who encourages his customers to bring sports drinks and water to their workouts, to stay hydrated. But food is a big no-no. Why? Barton says considering how sweaty gyms get, every crumb you drop will become a breeding ground for germs.

  • Resist the urge to re-use your workout outfit. In general, experts say everything but your shorts should be washed after every workout. That’s because body heat can “reignite” certain odors that get baked-in to our clothes after a gym visit. Meaning, even if your tank top passed the “sniff test” at home, it will likely be offending everyone around you the moment you start sweating again.

  • Be seen, not heard. Yoga instructor David Lynch says he’s heard lots of people making noises at the gym that would be more appropriate in the bedroom or bathroom! He says, if you can’t control your grunting and groaning during a workout, it’s either a sign that the workout’s too intense, and you should scale back - or you’re just showing off!