You can’t judge a dog by a wagging tail. If you really want to know how your dog is feeling – the Japanese electronics maker, Fujitsu, has the answer. They’ve developed a web-linked pet healthcare management system called “Wandant.”

“Wandant” is a hybrid of “Wan" – the Japanese slang-term for "dog", and "dant" comes from the word "pendant" – which refers to the small data-gathering device that your dog will wear around their neck. “Wandant” will allow owners to count their dog’s every step, how fast they were going, monitor their stress levels and temperature 24-hours a day.

The information is converted into charts – creating a personal profile page for your dog. Owners can also manually add information, like how much food the dog ate, when it went to the bathroom, or that day’s activities – like playing fetch. The goal is to help owners keep tabs on their dog’s health.

Wandant is only available in Japan at the moment – but will soon be accessible to everyone, online – or through their Android smartphone. An iPhone app may come later. If you want to know more, you can check out