Experts say that millions of adults have un-diagnosed ADHD. And left untreated, it can cause all sorts of problems. In fact, studies show that adults with ADHD tend to have lower incomes and higher rates of accidents, unplanned pregnancies, and substance abuse. So here are the signs you may have ADHD:  

  • First: You always have relationship drama. A new relationship is thrilling, but when the novelty wears off that’s where trouble starts for ADHD sufferers. They become distracted and inattentive in a stable, predictable relationship. But their partner can mistake that for a sign they want to break up or that they don’t care. And even with family and friends, the distracted vibe that adults with ADHD give off can come across as self-centered. 

  • Then are you constantly procrastinating? Experts say adults with ADHD often say things like, “I’m the king of procrastination!” or “I thrive under pressure!” That’s because being under the gun forces people with ADHD to really focus. But over time, that constant procrastination can just become chronic stress. It’s also why adults with ADHD may not do well in their careers, when employers are looking for people who are organized and on top of things. 

  • Another trait of people with adult ADHD: They’re thrillseekers. People with ADHD are often drawn to stimulating activities and with that usually comes risky behaviors, like speeding, gambling, and even extramarital affairs. But adults with ADHD can get the same stimulation from safer thrills, like rock climbing. 

  • Also do you lose things all the time? Like your cell phone or wallet? Adults with ADHD frequently misplace common items. That’s because when they set things down, they’re not usually paying attention and their brain doesn't make a memory of the event. Experts say it may help your brain to say something like “I’m putting my keys on the coffee table.” 

If this sounds like you, experts suggest getting officially diagnosed and starting treatment.