For a growing number of couples, the modern-day version of a shared bank account is having a shared Facebook account.

It’s a trend you may have noticed in your own Facebook feed. Instead of getting updates from both partners - more couples are merging their two accounts into one. 

So, is having a shared Facebook account a sign that your relationship is serious, and you have nothing to hide from each other, or is it a sign that you’re hopelessly co-dependent? 

According to psychologist Dr. Dan Auerbach, it depends on the motivation.

Because even though Facebook was created to present yourself as an individual – many couples do feel more comfortable presenting a “joint identity” to the world. Basically, their lives are so intertwined, they see themselves as one unit. 

Dr. Auerbach says, if that’s the way you view your relationship, then having a shared Facebook account makes sense. 

It’s also a way of showing everyone you’re serious. 

Even if you’re not married – having a joint Facebook account is the online equivalent of moving in together. 

The problems kick in if you’re using Facebook to flaunt your relationship or making a joint account because you feel insecure. For example, if you don’t trust your partner to have their own account – because they may contact an old flame - you need to deal with your trust issues. A joint account won’t fix that. 

One more thing to consider if you have a joint Facebook account is your employer. If your partner is posting crazy party pictures – that reflects on you. And if you’re looking for a job – you know that hiring managers now check-out candidates on Facebook. So it’s better to have your own identity, so they can get an idea of your personality.