Did you know you actually have two voices? One that you hear – and a totally different one that the rest of the world hears. And experts say that’s why we usually like our voice when we talk, but cringe when we hear ourselves on a recording or video.

So, why do we have a love-hate relationship with our voice? It all boils down to how sound enters our ears: through the bones in our skull or through the air.

When we talk, our vocal cords vibrate - and the vibration passes through the bones in our skull, into our inner ear. And that makes the sound frequency lower. So we think our voice is deeper than it actually is. 

But when you hear your recorded voice – it reaches your ears through the air – which is what other people hear. The pitch is higher, and it’s unfamiliar, which is why we don’t like it.

Experts say it’s just like how we usually like our appearance when we look in a mirror. But when we see ourselves in Facebook photos, we freak out. That’s because we get used to the asymmetry of our face the way it’s reflected in the mirror. 

But in a photo, all of these tiny differences don’t match up with what our brain expects to see, so we’re surprised, and often don’t like it as much.