It’s official: Women work harder than men do. In fact, a new study proved it, by accident! The study was originally set up to measure the effects of using a computer privacy filter – which is a film that you fit onto a monitor, so no one can see what you’re doing on your computer but you. To test the filters, researchers brought them to offices all across North America, and observed nearly 300 workers in action – both before and after the filters were installed.

But as researchers were going through their data, they noticed a trend. Basically, with or without the filters, females consistently got more work done than men! For example: During an average 10-minute stretch at work, women were observed working 18 percent more time than men. And women were 14 percent less likely to leave their desks and take breaks, compared to men. In other words, female employees were less prone to distraction, and more likely to get the job done! And that’s even if no one can see what they’re doing!

And get this: The study found that men become even less productive than normal when women are close by! Because when male workers were being observed by male researchers, they typically worked about four minutes per 10-minute stretch. But if male workers were being observed by female researchers, then their work time dropped 25 percent! And researchers say that trend was consistent in every industry they tested, including health care, finance, education, and energy.