Is there someone you’re destined to fall in love with, someone who will “complete” you? It’s time to bust open a few myths about soulmates, because if you’re single, this could be the reason why.

  • Soulmates are a one-shot, “forever” deal. Not true. Experts say it’s unrealistic to believe there’s one unique person on the planet who automatically understands your deepest desires and fears, and accepts you unconditionally. The truth is, there are many potential great “loves of your life” out there. People who have the same energy, ambitions, and desires that you do, making them the perfect companion. But hanging on to that notion not only keeps people from dating someone they don’t have instant chemistry with. It also keeps them from moving on when the person they thought was the “one” leaves them.

  • It’s always love at first sight. Again, that’s False. Most people have to “grow on you” before you realize they’re “The One.” In fact, you might already know the next love of your life, and not even realize it.

  • A soulmate will make you happy. No. In fact, suffering from “soulmate-ism” may leave you constantly unhappy because it leads to impossible expectations. That’s why a lot of couples who think they’ve found their soulmate end up divorced! Because they become disillusioned when they start to argue, or lose attraction.

If you want a lasting relationship, it's all about making a deep commitment to someone, honoring that, and making compromises. That's how you create a truly profound connection.