Do you miss having your mom around to tell you to stop slouching or remind you to floss? There’s an app for that! In fact, there are several so-called “iMom apps” and gadgets to help you stay on track of just about everything. It’s technology that has your best interests at heart, just like dear old Mom. 

  • For example: There’s a computer app called Posture Track. It uses your computer’s camera to monitor how you’re sitting. If you’re slouching, it buzzes gently. And if you’re sitting tall, it’ll post a green “good posture” icon in the corner of your screen. 

  • Then there’s the Up Bracelet. It comes with an app that tracks your physical activity as well as how long – and how well – you slept. You can set a “smart alarm” that’ll wake you at a point in your sleep cycle that’ll leave you the most refreshed. You can also set an “idle alert” – and the bracelet will vibrate if you sit still for more than, say, 30 minutes, to prompt you to get up and move.

  • And an app coming out soon is called Automatic. It comes with hardware that plugs into your car’s onboard computer. It’ll beep or buzz quietly if the driver speeds, brakes erratically, or swerves from lane to lane. And if there’s a crash, the app will even call the nearest 911 center and forward the car’s location to a loved one. It’s just like having mom in the passenger seat.