That’s what a recently divorced man named David Bakke wanted to know. So, as an experiment, he approached women he was interested in dating in a variety of places and here’s what he discovered:

  • The coffee shop. Because cafés are almost always crowded, and the words “Wanna grab a coffee?” put less pressure on people than asking for their phone number! Plus, if they say “yes,” then you’re already on your first date.

  • The grocery store. Bakke says grocery shopping tends to be a boring experience, so most people won’t mind if you approach them to make small talk. In fact, he recently spent 10 minutes talking to a woman about the benefits of organic food before he got up the nerve to ask her out - and it worked! The key is to shop during peak hours, around 6pm, when stores are most likely to be filled with after-work shoppers.

  • Music festivals. After all, if you see someone checking out the same band as you, then you’ll already know you share a common interest.

  • Church. Bakke says churches have a few things going for them, starting with the fact that you’ll be meeting people who share your religious beliefs. And they’re generally a comfortable place to mingle and talk to people. Plus, he says women in relationships rarely go to church alone. Meaning: If you see someone you’re attracted to sitting alone in church, there’s a very good chance she’s single!