Ladies. How will you know Mr. Right when you meet him? Here’s how to spot a great guy, courtesy of marriage and family therapist Dr. Bethany Marshall.

  • Is he interested in you? In other words, does he give you compliments. Is he curious about your life. Does he remember the little things, like your favorite coffee drink? Dr. Marshall says that if he’s attentive, it means he’s interested enough in you to invest his emotions in a relationship.
  • He’s found success in at least one area of his life. Whether he bought a house, manages a business, or competes in marathons, a guy who’s taken on a challenge and achieved it, is moving forward in life. Since you know you can’t change anybody’s behavior other than your own, it’s better to be with someone who won’t hold you back when you’re trying to move forward.
  • If he’s a great guy, he’ll like you even on your worst day, when you’re stressed and cranky.He won’t walk away when you say something he disagrees with. Dr. Marshall says to beware of the guy whose opinion of you changes whenever you don’t do exactly what he expects. You should feel free to be yourself and not worry about suppressing your personality in order to hold onto his affection.
  • If he has good friends – and you like who he is when he’s with them. In other words, he won’t turn into somebody else when you’re not around.
  • Also, a great guy will seek his own solutions. If he has a problem, he’ll ask for help, go to therapy or attend a 12-step program – anything to help him make the necessary changes. Pride, laziness or stubbornness won’t keep him from doing whatever it takes to improve his life.
  • Mr. Right will NOT try to have power over you. He won’t leave you wondering where he is and what he’s doing – or leave you hanging just to prove a point. Even if he has more money, status, and power, he won’t make you feel you’d be nothing without him.