It may seem unlikely, but a woman is more likely to forgive her husband for having an affair than for leaving his dirty dishes in the sink day after day! According to Prevention Magazine, it's because little problems are more stressful than big ones.
Dr. Daniel Gilbert is a psychologist at Harvard University. He says that when we experience intense feelings, psychological mechanisms are triggered to help us get over them. This is how we cope with things like death, loss of a job, or infidelity.
But no such mechanisms are activated when we have to deal with the little stresses of daily life. So the resentment we experience can last a long time. And this can cause us to make bad decisions about our relationships.
The best solution   according to the experts? Try not to avoid any of your problems, no matter how small they seem right now. If your spouse does something every day that bothers you, the sooner you bring it up, the better off you'll be.