Can a good relationship be broken down into a mathematical formula? Psychologists and researchers say yes! 4,000 couples, who had been married for more than 16 years on average, were studied to find out what made a long-lasting relationship, and here’s how it breaks down by the numbers:

  • You need to make a romantic gesture every 10 days. In a long-term relationship, we often end up taking each other for granted. But if you decide to run a bath for your wife after a particularly hard day – or make your husband’s favorite meal – you’re showing them that you’re thinking specifically about what would please them. And that type of unselfish behavior propels a marriage. And the thoughtfulness behind the gesture is more important than the action itself. 

  • Squeeze in 4 cuddles a day. That's the other thing those 4,000 couples had in common. So, make sure to hug, kiss, or touch your partner lovingly 4 times day. The happiest couples touch a lot. 

  • Try 3 helpful actions a month – without being asked! When you lighten your partner’s load without being asked, it shows you’re paying attention and that your partner is central in your thoughts. It can be as simple as taking the initiative to do the dishes. 

  • Make time for 7 cozy nights in, and 2 dinner dates out every month. But your cozy nights in should be different from your regular routine parked in front of the TV. And making the effort to get dressed up and go out twice a month reinforces your “coupleness.”