Prepare to be a lot less stressed in the next few minutes! Here are some surprising stress triggers – and ways to deal with them:

  • Your coworkers. You spend 40 hours a week with them. And that could mean 40 hours of putting up with their annoying behavior. The fix? Dr. Linda Durré is the author of Surviving the Toxic Workplace. Here’s her strategy: talk with your coworker about what behavior you’d like them to change and offer a solution. Like, “Sometimes when I ask you a question, you sigh and give me a look like I’m crazy. Is there a better way to approach you? Because we work side by side and I’d like to get along better.” Odds are, they may not even realize they’re bothering you, and will stop the bad behavior once you bring it to their attention.

  • Your home! There’s nothing calming about piles of dirty laundry – or stacks of junk mail. In fact, studies found a link between a cluttered home, depression and anxiety. So, spend 20 minutes every day cleaning something. Because if you can’t find calm at home, where can you find it?

  • Every time you log onto Facebook you could be stressing yourself out. Seeing a flood of updates about your friends’ promotions, vacations or engagements could make you feel like your own life doesn’t measure up. And studies have shown that the more time you spend on Facebook, the more likely you are to develop depression and anxiety. So, keep in mind that people only post their most exciting news – they tend to avoid negative posts about losing a job, or getting stood up.

  • Is your laptop making you a stressball? Studies show that the more time you spend hunched in front of a computer, the more stressed your body gets. Your breathing changes - becoming shallow and rapid, your arms and shoulders get stiff, and you even blink less. So, limit your computer – say, by going tech-free for 3 hours before bed.