What’s one of the deadliest things children are playing with these days? Inflatable bounce houses.  You see them everywhere - at carnivals, birthday parties and school events. But you should think of them as inflatable danger traps!

A new study found that over the last few years, the number of children treated at hospital ERs for bounce house injuries has jumped 1500 percent!  Doctors are calling it an epidemic! With More than 30 children are treated in a hospital emergency department every day!

Kids are suffering everything from broken bones to concussions, some are even dying.

A lot of injuries happen when bouncing kids collide with each other.  But a whopping 43 percent of injuries occur when kids fall inside a bounce house – or fall out of one, and hit their head on a hard surface, like the driveway.

But parents, this doesn’t mean that you have to ban your children from ever hopping in a bounce house – just follow some rules. Dr. Gary Smith is the director of the Center for Injury Research at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio.  He says that kids younger than 6 shouldn’t be allowed in bounce houses, period. That’s because their risk of injury is just too high.

Also, make sure the kids playing inside are all around the same age – so there aren’t huge size and body weight differences if kids collide.If kids start roughhousing inside – pull your kid out.

And if your child is over 6 – have them jump with caution.  Never let them do flips or any acrobatic stunt that could appear in a Cirque du Soleil show. Some of the most serious injuries to the head and neck are caused by stunts no matter how old the kids are.