The latest party drug we need to tell you about is 25-I, or “N-Bomb”.  It’s a new synthetic drug that’s being marketed as artificial LSD or mescaline. And like other synthetic drugs we’ve talked about recently, it’s growing more popular today – especially among people who have to pass regular drug screenings, like soldiers, students and athletes. That’s because the drugs aren’t detectable on current drug tests. Dealers walk around at nightclubs and concerts with vials full of 25-I.  And it takes only a single drop in the nose to get high!

But according to the DEA, 25-I is an “extremely potent” drug that’s illegal in all 50 states! And in many cases synthetic drugs are actually more dangerous than the real drugs they’re trying to copy.  Because they’re a chemical cocktail and no one really knows what’s in them!

Dr. Joseph Lasky is an ER doctor who’s seen a big jump in 25-I related overdoses and deaths. He says the drug has the same effects on the body as a hallucinogen, like LSD. Users become disoriented immediately after taking it.  They may panic, or babble incoherently.  Then, within 30 minutes, they may have a seizure and lose consciousness.

Dr. Lasky says not everyone dies from taking 25-I.  But there are so many potent chemicals in the drug, that he describes anyone who takes it as, quote “a guinea pig”.  Because scientists don’t know enough about its long-term effects, or if it’s even possible to make a full recovery from a 25-I overdose.

Bottom line: Dr. Lasky says the biggest problem with drugs like 25-I is that even though they’re popular with kids, most parents and adults have never heard of them!

But now you know.  The fact is, 25-I is NOT safe. It could kill you with one drop!