Dance parties aren’t just for nights and weekends anymore. Midday dances are popping up across the globe inviting workers to boogie down during their lunch breaks.

The parties are arranged by companies like Lunch Beat, and and they move from place to place – kind of like the way food trucks operate – going to different locations to serve different customers.

The parties last about an hour. The entry fee’s about $15, and includes tunes spun by the hottest local deejays. Plus, water, a sandwich, chips, fruit, and dessert.  Alcohol is extra – but most lunchtime parties don’t even serve alcohol.

The trend started in Sweden, with 14 people dancing their lunch break away in an underground garage. Now, more than 150 parties regularly take place in cities like Rome, London, and Istanbul – even the Frankfort airport some with as many as 600 dancers.

And they’re now popping up across North America, in places like Sacramento, Cleveland, Queens, and Colorado Springs.

Anybody can set up a Lunch Beat party, as long as they follow certain rules:

First: Everybody’s welcome.  The party has to be advertised to the public. And no spectators are allowed.  Anybody who comes to the dance has to dance.

To get your groove on at lunch – or to get the lunchtime party started in your area - check out and