I should start selling “Baby In Bar” stickers for the Bjorn.

Look, just because you can carry your baby everywhere in a harness does not mean that you should. Especially when it comes to a bar.

I get it. You’re young parents. You’re still hipsters at heart. You’re Hipstarents. That does not mean you should strap on baby Zephyr, grab your lucky fedora and head down to the Tonga Hut for a cocktail.

Babies do not need to be in bars. I’m not implying that patrons in these types of establishments are bad people. They may be parents, too - parents that have had the common sense to spring for a sitter so they can enjoy a night out as adults. The last thing they want is to second-guess their jukebox selection because of sudden eye contact with your drooling spawn.

Unless it’s Nickelback. Always second-guess Nickelback.