It’s true - having a lead foot in the car wastes money. But how much does speeding really cost you at the gas pump? 

Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory put a large variety of vehicles through mileage tests. Everything from economy cars, to sports cars, to the heaviest SUVs. The result: For every 10 mile per hour increase in speed, gas mileage drops about 15 percent across the board. In other words, drivers see the same drop in gas efficiency, no matter what kind of vehicle they drive. 

So, at highway speeds, that means you’re wasting about $6 an hour! 

So, how can you cut down on wasted gas? 

  • Stay close to 55 miles per hour on the highway.  

  • Avoid sudden stops and starts.

  • And take all the junk out of your trunk! Like, the snow chains, his-and-her bowling balls, and the boxes of books you keep forgetting to donate to the library. For every extra 100 lbs you carry around in your car, you reduce your gas mileage by about 2 percent, which wastes about $40 a year.