If they don’t get it, they’re going to come after you on the internet! According to researchers at the University of Michigan, customer service satisfaction has plummeted over the past decade in a number of industries – including telephone companies, cable TV providers, and insurance agencies. And people are tired of getting lousy service! So, they’ve decided to air their grievances on the internet. Several websites are popping up where customers can openly gripe about bad service, and people are taking notice – one of the sites receives over one million hits a month!

Other disgruntled customers don’t think a quick internet post is enough – so they’re taking matters into their own hands. For example, one customer called to cancel his America Online account, but the representative on the phone tried to talk him out of it. So, he recorded the entire conversation, and put it on the internet for everyone to hear. AOL got so much backlash, they had to apologize.

Another angry citizen posted a movie titled ‘A Comcast Technician Sleeping On My Couch’ on the video-sharing website ‘You Tube .com.’ And yes – it was an actual cable TV technician catching Zzz’s on the couch! The video was viewed almost 8 hundred thousand times, and the worker was eventually fired. So what do you think - is it a good idea to publicly humiliate companies when the service is bad? Or are people taking it too far?