High blood pressure can put you in line for a heart attack, an issue that affects over 65 million North Americans. New research we found in Woman's World shows there are some creative ways to get your blood pressure under control, and down to 120 over 80: * Let's start with dried peaches. They're a better source of potassium than bananas. Since potassium relaxes your arteries, eating six dried peach halves every day could cut your blood pressure by 13 points. * Taking two trips to your doctor within 30 days can also bring down your blood pressure. Researchers found that people with hypertension who saw their doctor one month after their first diagnosis, lowered their BP by 28 points, but patients who skipped the second appointment struggled to bring down their blood pressure for a year. Why? Because during the follow-up, your doctor can make sure that your prescriptions are working and change them if they're not. * Another way to lower your blood pressure: Take olive oil extract capsules. One-thousand milligrams a day can trim blood pressure by 11 points. That's because the ingredients in olive oil help relax and open your blood vessels. * Also turning down the volume can reduce your blood pressure. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden found that daily exposure to noise above 64 decibels - about the same noise level as brushing your teeth - raises your risk of high blood pressure by 90%. So, turn down the volume knob. * The final way to reduce high blood pressure: Sit up straight! Research shows the combination of slouching and letting your neck jut forward leads to a 16% rise in blood pressure. How? Because slouching adversely affects the spinal nerves that help keep blood pressure in check.