If you’re looking for a job today, you need to literally “think outside the box”.  That’s the word from career consultants, who say networking’s still the number one way to get a job.  But when it comes to getting noticed, it doesn’t hurt to use extreme gimmicks to get your foot in the door. For example:

An engineer in recently set up a Website devoted to his quest to land his dream job at a consulting firm.  And it generated enough word-of-mouth to land him a phone interview.

We also read about a woman in Michigan who wrote and recorded a personal song to send along with her application for a government job.

And an out-of-work CEO in Manhattan actually paid to join an elite gym known for its executive clients. His goal was to expand his professional network, and meet someone who might hire him.

Believe it or not, experts say employers get so many applications today, that most of them expect you to go “above and beyond”, because creative gimmicks can help you stand out, and express your personality.

But know this: There’s a fine line between what’s an acceptable gimmick and what’s not.

For starters: Stalking is never an option. Like the college grad who targeted a company, and hung out in the lobby every day, hoping someone would come out to meet with him. A manager said the more he did it, the less they wanted to hire him.

Also, skip using actual boxes to show how you ‘think outside the box.’ Like sending your résumé stuffed inside a shoebox, with a note that says: “Just trying to get my foot in the door.” Experts say that gimmick’s been done so many times lately, it’s no longer considered creative.