Sure, diet and exercise are important, but there are a few health-boosters that have nothing to do with eating right or tackling the treadmill! We got these from Condé Nast Publications.

  • Head to the nearest park! Sounds relaxing, right? That’s the idea! British researchers found that strolling through a park reduces tension twice as much as walking around indoors. So what if you’re stuck at the office and can’t get away? Just looking at a picture of nature has been shown to lower blood pressure and muscle tension within five minutes. Try changing the wallpaper on your desktop to something outdoorsy.
  • Dust off that scrabble board! Or grab your baseball mitt or play some duck-duck-goose with the kids. Turns out that games are more than just fun! According to Dr. Stuart Brown, playing improves immunity and helps people who are already ill recover more quickly.
  • Get in the pool! A study from Sweden finds that floatation therapy can reduce pain and speed healing. According to the study, lying back in a quiet pool for 20 minutes produces a deep state of relaxation in the body.